While more people than ever before are calling on its services, our NHS is facing the biggest financial challenge it has known. 

Our health and care services are under pressure and need to change and adapt in response to the continuously increasing demand. And while all the different parts of the NHS – from GPs to hospitals, mental health services to community services and the local council’s social care services – are working together to find solutions, the NHS needs us, the people it was set up to serve, to do their bit as well. 

I will #HelpMyNHS

...by making a pledge

We’re asking everyone in our 5 Communities - across Burgess Hill, Crawley, East Grinstead, Haywards Heath and Horsham and the surrounding villages - to do something small to #HelpMyNHS. By adding your name to our pledge wall, you'll be demonstrating your commitment and support for our local NHS. 

Read some of the pledges we've received so far >

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Alternatively you can download, print and post the paper form, or make your pledge via Twitter using the hashtag #HelpMyNHS

*Only your name and written pledge will be visible publicly on our pledge wall. All other information will remain confidential.

Need some inspiration? Pick a pledge from the list of suggestions below:

  • I will save A&E for saving lives so I'll only go there in an emergency.  In future I'll seek advice from NHS111 to access appropriate services.
  • I will use my local pharmacy more for advice about minor ailments, medicines and prescription reviews, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing advice,
  • I won't ask for a prescription for medications I know I can buy over the counter
  • I will order and collect my repeat prescriptions on time (and my family's if they need help), particularly before a holiday period
  • I understand that if I make an appointment at my GP I should either keep it or cancel it
  • Do I really need this test or procedure?
  • I accept that I am responsible for my own health and wellbeing so will seek advice about my lifestyle from my GP or pharmacy and act on their suggestions
  • I will educate myself about the right NHS services for when I don’t feel very well
  • I will keep a well-stocked first aid kit at home so I can deal with my family’s minor injuries and ailments
  • I will sign up to the local NHS CCG Health Network or join your GP Practice Participation Group (PPG) to help drive improvements

5 Communities

It’s not just the public we are asking to #HelpMyNHS, but those who work for the service too. We’re asking GPs to ensure they make effective use of our local resources by only referring to specialists where this is necessary; to use the most local services; and prescribe cost effective medicines from our local agreed formulary (list).

Here at NHS Crawley CCG, our staff have already made a number of promises including: 

  • I will talk to a friend to help them understand the challenges facing our NHS and how they can #HelpMyNHS
  • I will man a stall at a community event and promote our #HelpMyNHS campaign
  • I will always make the best use of NHS resources, from printing documents conservatively to working effectively in partnership