Proactive care

What is Proactive Care?

Proactive Care is a new way of supporting people with long-term conditions or complex health and social care needs.

Improving the quality of your care

We are transforming the way we support people so those at risk of their condition worsening will:

  • Have the right help and support to continue living independently for as long as possible
  • Know what to expect of us and find our services easy to use
  • Receive a single package of care from the health and social care professionals involved  in their support
  • Be supported  to take control of their own care 
  • Know that their carers will also be supported 

How does Proactive Care work? 

Our aim is very simple - to put the person at the centre of what we do and to work together with them more proactively to meet their health and social care needs. We will agree a plan with each individual we work with so that we can support them to manage their own care as well as identifying sources of help.

Download/view the Proactive Care leaflet here

Who we are

The Proactive Care programme brings together NHS and social care staff into integrated teams known as Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs). These teams work closely with GPs, local hospital staff and others in the community to ensure people get the support that they need, at the right time and in the best place. Team members will usually be based in the same place which means that the different professionals can share information quickly and plan effectively to meet people’s needs.

Proactive Care brings together:

  • You (the person being supported)
  • NHS Crawley Clinical Commissioning Group
  • NHS Horsham and Mid Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Sussex Community NHS Trust 
  • Sussex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust 
  • West Sussex County Council
  • Public health
  • Voluntary sector 

Staff involved:

  • Community nurses
  • Adult social care workers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Mental health nurses
  • Carer nurses  
  • Prevention assessment team staff
  • Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians

Where, and how, we are working in the local community

We are already working in the local area and have three teams based in Crawley, two in Horsham and four in Mid Sussex, all near to or in GP surgeries. In fact, in the first year our teams were Highly Commended at the national Excellence in Individual Patient Participation Awards hosted by NHS England.

Find out more

If you have any questions or want to find out more about Proactive Care and the way we work together, please contact us or speak to your GP.

If you are a healthcare professional and want to find out more about the way Proactive Care teams work, please view our interactive information pack.