Arif Syed, Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement


Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement and Vice Chair of the Governing Body, 
Chair Crawley (Broadfield) Mosque, Associate Hospital Manager,Lay Member - Mental Health Panel at Sussex Partnership NHS Trust, and Member West Sussex Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

Arif is a retired Local Government Senior Manager, Spend vast majority his career in Local Authorities but had worked in Worthing Health Authority, Tidy Britain Group and Project Management in Private sector. He was also Chair of Crawley Ethnic Minority Partnership (CEMP) for over five years, where he led the development of BME capacity building. 

The Lay Member for Patient and Public Engagement said: 

"Each Lay member is there to bring their unique perspective, informed by their expertise and experience, which helps to ensure that in all aspects of the CCGs' business, the public voice of the local population is heard and that opportunities are created and protected for patient and public engagement as well as supports decisions making by the governing body as a whole".