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We want to ensure that patients are at the heart of all that we do. There are many ways for you to get involved - from sharing your views of NHS services in a focus group; being part of a project group; or by filling out a survey. New opportunities will arise all the time, so please do check back often.

You don't need to devote a huge amount of time to really influence change in the local NHS and any input you give is greatly valued. 

Act now

You can get involved in a number of ways:

Why we need you 

We need to work with you to make sure we commission the best services for you. Information from patients about how we can plan and commission services that are easy to get to and helpful to use goes into our plans for new services, and for changing existing services to make them better. This is such a key part of our work that it's also a legal requirement for us to engage with patients, carers, and members of the public.

How we engage with patients, carers and the public

Patient Participation Groups help us to engage. PPGs contribute ideas, feedback and suggestions directly to their practices, and members can also be involved in wider work throughout the city. Commissioning Patient Reference Group (CPRG) also help us to engage. 

We also run specific surveys and events to help us gather information and feedback on individual services, and to ask what patients want from new services, or how existing services can improve.

Agreement between the Clinical Commissioning Group and public and patient representatives - provides further information about how we work with patients and the public.

We also collect Equality and Diversity information about the people we connect with, to ensure we are hearing from everyone and treating people equitably, via the Demographic Monitoring Form. 

You can find our reward and recognition policy here.

What we do next

With information from PPGs, CPRG, surveys and events, and from other sources, we make plans for what we will commission and how. To find out more about how we make decisions, please check the Our Governing Body page.

We want local NHS services to meet the needs of our patients and our local community.

To help us do this we work with patients and the public to ensure the services we commission are tailored to the needs of our population. We are keen to hear and learn from your experiences and your ideas for how we can improve services.

Patient and Participation Reports: 

Patient and Public Annual Engagement Report, March 2017 - April 2018 - provides a useful summary of all activities undertaken over the last year. 

Quarter 1 and 2 Engagement Report, January 2018 - provides a useful summary of all the activity we have undertaken between April - September 2018.

Need information in an alternative format?

We want to make it as easy as possible for people to get involved in our work and find out more about local health services.

If you need information in an alternative format, such as Easy Read, Large Print, Braille, Audio or an alternative language, please let us know by contacting the Communications and Engagement Team via the contact details above.