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We want local NHS services to meet the needs of our patients and our local community.

To help us do this we work with patients and the public to ensure the services we commission are tailored to the needs of our population. We are keen to hear and learn from your experiences and your ideas for how we can improve services.

Our duty to involve and consult the public is a fundamental part of developing and improving health and social care for local people in our communities. Across the CCG, each programme has its own arrangements for directly involving patients and the public in helping to inform and shape our work as appropriate. This feedback has continued to help us improve the services we commission, and identify issues of concern early.

What YOU can do

There are a number of ways that our patients and members of the public can get involved to help improve local health services. You can contact us directly with your views, join our Health Network, join a Patient Participation Group at your local GP practice or work directly with us on a particular project. You can also attend a meeting held in public of our Governing Body meeting or Primary Care Commissioning Committee meeting.