NHS England consults on freeing up £136 million to boost frontline NHS care

NHS England has launched a public consultation on proposals to rein in prescriptions for some ‘over the counter’ products such as dandruff shampoo and drops for tired eyes, freeing-up up to £136 million to expand other treatments for major conditions such as cancer and mental health problems. 

Ending routine prescribing for minor, short-term conditions, many of which will cure themselves or cause no long term effect on health, would free up NHS funds for frontline care.

Managing prescribable items of low priority for NHS funding. 

Public webinars - You can also participate in discussions on line by joining a webinar. It’s easy to register and you are sent a weblink.

For more information about the webinars contact  england.medicines@nhs.net

Webinar dates:

  • Monday 22 January (1pm - 2:30pm)
  • Wednesday 21 February (1pm - 2:30pm)