Community leg ulcer service - express your interest ASAP

The planned care team is procuring a community leg ulcer service and would like to involve patients who have had experience of using a leg ulcer service, in developing the specification for the service and in the evaluation of the procurement bids. The input on the service specification would be to comment on the service that we are proposing in light of your experience and anything we may have missed or got wrong. The time commitment for this would be at most 1 hour. The input to the procurement would involve attending the CCG for training on scoring the bids (1 hour) and attending a panel evaluation meeting (2 hours).   Scoring the bids may take 2 hours. Travel expenses will be reimbursed. 

If you are interested in providing feedback on the service specification only that’s ok and likewise you can choose to be involved with the procurement only. The feedback on the service specification must be completed before 28 September. The procurement evaluation will take place in January 2018. 

Contact Jacqueline O'Shea, Project Manager Planned Care. 

Email: j.oshea@nhs.net   

Phone  01293 600300 Ext 3996